SaasRock releases

The following steps are my recommendation to constantly stay up to date with SaasRock releases.


There will be constant breaking changes until SaasRock is stable. This gives me the flexibility to add new features with freedom.

💿 Create a private GitHub repository with the SaasRock's latest version.


Don't fork SaasRock's repository because when you're no longer a SaasRock subscriber, GitHub will delete your fork.

💿 Set SaasRock as the upstream

git remote add upstream

Or if you're an Enterprise user:

git remote add upstream

💿 (Optional) Remove push to upstream.

git remote set-url --push upstream no_push

If you run git remote -v you should get something like this:

origin{YOU}/{YOUR_PRIVATE_REPO}.git (fetch)
origin{YOU}/{YOUR_PRIVATE_REPO}.git (push)
upstream{saasrock or saasrock-enterprise}.git (fetch)
upstream        no_push (push)

💿 Anytime you want to get the latest changes, run:

git pull upstream main

This way you decide when to pull the latest features.

I hope this quick guide was useful! Let me know if you have any question.