Entity Builder

A no-code solution for custom databases, API management, and streamlined workflows

  • Alexandro Martínez
    by Alexandro Martínez
    2 years ago
  • Imagine entity rows as a no-code database. You can create custom properties and have autogenerated CRUD + API, permissions, events, workflows, and more.

    The purpose of the entity builder is to let you iterate upon an idea quickly.

    See the public Entity Builder demo.

    No-code database within your SaaS

    • Properties - TEXT, NUMBER, DATE, ENTITY, MEDIA, and SELECT field types.

    • Rows - Tenant entity rows, e.g. Employee EMP-0001, EMP-0002...

    • Views and Forms - Autogenerated views and forms at /app/:tenant/:entity.

    • API - Autogenerated API with GET (all), GET (id), POST, PUT, and DELETE methods.

    • Events - Created, Updated, and Deleted events.

    • Workflow - Listen to events to perform custom logic.


    Visualize all your entities in one view.


    Entity Details

    Customize entity behavior depending on the nature of it.



    Define your entity schema with properties.


    New Property

    These are all the supported property types:

    • Text

    • Number

    • Date

    • Single Select

    • Boolean

    • Media

    • Multi-select

    • Multi-text

    • Number Range

    • Date Range

    • Monaco Editor



    Plus, there are some custom attributes for each entity: Order, Required, Hidden, Read-only, Can be updated, Show in create form, Default value, Placeholder, Minimum, Maximum, Rows, Pattern, Uppercase, Lowercase, Is password, Is editor (Monaco, WYSIWYG, and Icon.

    Admin Rows View

    Audit all your entity rows in one place.


    Admin Rows Logs

    See how your entities are being used.



    This is deprecated in favor of workflows, but you can still add custom webhooks (i.e. trigger a Zapier hook when creating, updating, or deleting a row).


    API Docs

    The API is autogenerated, as well as the API docs for Swagger Specs and as a Postman Collection.


    Autogenerated Table View

    List view with view type (Table, Grid), Views, Pagination, and Filtering.


    Autogenerated Create Form

    Out-of-the-box generated form.


    Autogenerated Details/Edit View and Form

    See the row property values, comments, and optionally, tags, and tasks.


    Tenant Rows Logs

    Let your end-users see their logs too!


    API usage

    And some other helper API methods for your tenants, such as getting the API usage on every call.

    API usage

    The entity builder is pretty easy to use, but you can also customize every piece of it with custom code.

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