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  • Alexandro Martínez
    by Alexandro Martínez
    10 months ago
  • Goals:

    • Translate your app in another language


    💿 Add the new locale info at app/locale/supportedLocales.ts:

    export default [
        lang: "en",
        flag: "us",
        lang: "es",
        flag: "mx",
    +  {
    +    lang: "fr",
    +    flag: "fr",
    +  },
    Add Locale

    Ironically, you need to translate the new language name on the currently supported languages.

    💿 Open the english translation file public/locales/en/translations.json and add the new language i18n key:

      "shared": {
        "locales": {
          "en": "English",
          "es": "Spanish",
    +      "fr": "French"

    💿 Open the spanish translation file public/locales/es/translations.json and add the new language i18n key:

      "shared": {
        "locales": {
          "en": "Inglés",
          "es": "Español",
    +      "fr": "Francés"

    💿 At the landing page, click on the locale selector, there should be the new language displayed correctly.

    Locale Selector

    💿 Select the language, you should get an error:

    Missing Locale

    💿 Add the new fr locale to the app/locale/i18n.server.ts file:

    export let i18n = new RemixI18Next(backend, {
      fallbackLng: "en", // here configure your default (fallback) language
    -  supportedLanguages: ["es", "en"], // here configure your supported languages
    +  supportedLanguages: ["es", "en", "fr"], // here configure your supported languages

    💿 Duplicate the folder public/locales/en and rename it to fr.

    💿 On the new public/locales/fr/translations.json file, replace Easily Build Your Own SaaS to Créez votre propre SaaS.

    You should now have 3 front.hero.headline1 translations:

    • en/translations.json → front.hero.headline1: Easily Build Your Own SaaS

    • es/translations.json → front.hero.headline1: Construye tu propio SaaS

    • fr/translations.json → front.hero.headline1: Créez votre propre SaaS

    💿 Finally, refresh the landing page and select the new language.

    French Headline

    I hope this quick guide was useful! Let me know if you have any questions.

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