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May 31, 2024

SaasRock 1.2.0 - Deploy to AWS, Vercel is back, API rate limiting and more

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    Alexandro Martínez
SaasRock 1.2.0 - Deploy to AWS, Vercel is back, API rate limiting and more

A bunch of quality of life improvements in SaasRock 1.2.0:

Deployment ☁️

Check out the new deployment page.


  • API Rate limiting per minute/second (Enterprise-only)

  • New Knowledge Base layout "docs" one-page

  • JsonProperty Types: added wysiwyg and monaco

  • Sync CRM contacts from Users and ConvertKit

  • Replace Email Marketing editor (react-quill) with novel/monaco

  • Upgrade saasrock-portal to 1.2.0

  • Entity Builder Import: Select tenant (or admin) to import

  • Add Plan Features buttons: order, clear, and 'copy from product'

Improvements 🔨

  • Vercel: Fixed i18n (thanks @praneybehl!)

  • Scripts Injector: set head and body scripts at /admin/settings

  • CRM: Create contact when user registers

  • SEO: fix articles in sitemap lastmod fix (it had creation date)

  • Delete fat deps: pdfjs-dist (CDN instead), octokit, hyperformula

  • New analytics period filters: ytd, mtd, wtd, last hour, last 10 min

  • Dashboards: duplicate scrolls minor fix

  • Unit tests: fixed 8 tests

  • InputText: Remove uppercase and lowercase (rendering loop)

Bug fixes 🐞

  • Email Marketing: fix pageSize creating a campaign selecting a contacts view

  • Knowledge Base: dark mode fixes

  • Portal Analytics: track portalUserId (visitors, views, events)

  • When working with portals, if you get 'Error: insert or update on table "AnalyticsUniqueVisitor" violates foreign key constraint "AnalyticsUniqueVisitor_portalId_fkey"': run this in your database: DELETE FROM "AnalyticsUniqueVisitor" WHERE "portalId" is NOT NULL and "portalId" NOT IN (select "id" from "Portal"). And apply the changes to the database again.

Breaking changes ❗

  • SERVER_URL and DOMAIN_NAME: removed these unnecessary and annoying environment variables

  • baseUrl: string renamed to getBaseURL(request: Request)

  • withThemeSwitcherwithDarkModeToggle

  • withLanguageSwitcherwithLanguageSelector

  • FAQ: Items are no longer an array of 'front.faq.questions[]' but 'front.faq.questions.q1', 'front.faq.questions.a1'… because Vercel can’t find t(…).map function.

  • Removing the /components directory routes

  • defaultSocials.ts: add full URLs to defaultSocials

  • JsonPropertiesUtils: 'properties' changed to 'attributes'

  • Portals: changed PortalPage schema (attributes instead of title, description, content)

  • Portals configuration: moved into a new file appPortalConfiguration.ts

  • Portals are now disabled by default

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