Quick Start v0.2.5


1. Getting Started

💿 1.1. Rename the .env.example file to → .env and set the following values (although you can come back to this step later):


  • DATABASE_URL - any Prisma supported database connection string
  • SERVER_URL - (http://localhost:3000 on dev, site's URL on prod)
  • SESSION_SECRET - any secure string
  • ADMIN_EMAIL - your admin user
  • ADMIN_PASSWORD - don't commit your .env file


💿 1.2. Open the schema.prisma file and set the datasource provider: sqlite, postgresql... (I recommend using sqlite for local dev).

💿 1.3. Generate and seed your database (if you get an error, delete the prisma/migrations folder).

npx prisma migrate dev --name init

If your using sqlite and your database gets messed up, you can always delete the prisma/dev.db file and run npx prisma db push again.

💿 1.4. Install modules and run the app (if you get and error, delete the package-lock.json file):

npm i
npm run dev

💿 1.5 Open localhost:3000 and play with the Light/Dark Mode toggle and Language Selector (English/Spanish).


2. Creating Pricing Plans

The next steps require that you set the SK_STRIPE env variable.

💿 2.1. Log in with your ADMIN_EMAIL and ADMIN_PASSWORD. You will be redirected to the /admin/dashboard.

Admin Dashboard

💿 2.2. To generate the Stripe pricing plans go to /admin/setup/pricing.

Set up Pricing Plans

💿 2.3. Click on Click here to create them.

Created pricing plans

💿 2.4. Verify the created Stripe products at the /pricing page.


💿 2.5. Add a new pricing plan.

New pricing plan

You should see the new plan on the /admin/setup/pricing page:

Pricing plans

3. Creating Email Templates

The next steps require that you set the POSTMARK_SERVER_TOKEN and POSTMARK_FROM_EMAIL env variables.

💿 3.1. To generate the Postmark email templates go to /admin/setup/emails.

Setup Email Templates

💿 3.2. Click on Create all.

Email Templates

💿 3.3. Click on Send test on the Welcome email template.

Welcome Email

💿 3.4. Sign out.

4. Register as a SaaS user

💿 4.1. Register with your email at /register. You will be redirected to the /app/dashboard.

App Dashboard

💿 4.2. Click on Subscribe and subscribe to any plan (use any Stripe test card).

Stripe Checkout:

App Subscription Checkout

Tenant Subscription Settings:


💿 4.3. Cancel the subscription and subscribe to another pricing plan.