Plan Entity Limits


  • Set up "NOT INCLUDED" for the Free plan
  • Set up a "MAX" limit for the Standard plan
  • Set up a "MONTHLY" limit for the Enterprise plan


💿 Create a Custom Entity "Employee".

💿 Add a "Name" property.

Employee Properties

💿 Go to /admin/settings/pricing and click on "Click here to create them".

You should have 3 plans:

  • Free
  • Standard
  • Enterprise

💿 Edit the Free plan and add a Feature with the following values:

  • Title: 0 employees
  • Type: Not included
  • Name: Employees

💿 Now add the following for the Standard:

  • Title: 1 employee/month
  • Type: Monthly
  • Name: Employees
  • Value: 1

💿 And for the third plan - Enterprise - add:

  • Title: 2 employees
  • Type: Max
  • Name: Employees
  • Value: 2

You should have 3 plans with the column Employees:

Plans with Employee Limits

💿 Go to /app/acme-corp-1/employees/new.

Since we've already added the Employees feature, and ACME CORP 1 does not have a subscription, we cannot add any Employees.

Expected Error: You don't have an active subscription.

No subscription

💿 Upgrade to the Free plan and try again.

Expected Error: Not included in current plan.

Free Plan

💿 Upgrade to the Standard plan and try again.

You should be able to add 1 employee.

💿 Try to add a second employee.

You should not be able to add a third employee since the Enterprise plan has a limit of 2 Employees.

Expected Error: You've reached the limit this month (1) for Employees.

Standard Plan

💿 Upgrade to the Enterprise plan.

💿 Add a second employee.

💿 Add a third employee.

Expected Error: You've reached the limit (2) for Employees.

Enterprise Plan

I hope this quick guide was useful! Let me know if you have any question.